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Guns N’ Roses Slash Rare backstage at the Roxy fine art photo 1986 signed 14/100


Guns N Roses at the Roxy right before the gig January 18, 1986. You Can Also see Axl in the mirror to the right. This show at the Roxy, in fact, attracted a far-overcapacity crowd, and Tom Zutaut, the Geffen A&R guy who eventually signed them, arrived late and wasn’t able to get in until

Guns N Roses Rocket Queen debut Slash Axl Rose fine art photo 1985 signed 15/100


15/100 Guns N Roses at the Troubadour September 20, 1985 that night the. They had a very good turnout that night and it was very cool to hear the new song “Rocket Queen”. AXL: This isn’t much, but it’s the best I can do. This Song is for Barbi. Is very high end, custom printed.

Guns N’ Roses Slash live at the Whisky 1986 fine art photo signed # 10/100 rare


10/100 Guns N Roses at the Whisky April 5, 1986. This gig was the reopening of the Whisky. This was the first gig there in a few years. Slash: Listen, I wanna take this time out to thank this girl we know for supplying us with the whisky tonight. A gift from the gods above,

Guns N Roses Slash Rare Paradise City video shoot fine art photo signed 26/100


26/100 Giants Stadium “Paradise City” video shoot August 16, 1988. This was a very special gig. The band was on tour with Aersomith and Deep Purple also played on the bill for this gig only. They shot video for “Paradise City” during the show. There is Also a photo of Steven Adler that I sell

Guns N Roses 1985 fine art photo Paradise City Slash 1st Les Paul signed 14/100


14/100 Guns N Roses debuted “Paradise City” at the Troubadour October 10, 1985. This was Slash’s first Les Paul in Guns N’ Roses. It’s known as the Hunter burst. He got it on Sept 25, 1985 two weeks before this gig. Is very high end, custom printed. Photo with hand printed text at the bottom

Guns N Roses Axl Rose Slash Jackson Guitar 1986 fine art photo signed 13/100


13/100 Guns N Roses at Fenders Ballroom Long Beach CA. Jackson Guitars made Slash this custom guitar. Slash only used it for 4 gigs then got rid of it. “Perfect Crime” was debuted at this gig. They also opened for Cheep Trick that night. Izzy: We’re gonna pull this one like bread out of the

Guns N’ Roses early Axl Rose Rare 1985 fine art photo signed 13/100 14×18 frame


13/100 Axl Rose October 1985. This photo was taken by Jack Lue. Jack took over 200 hundred of the photos in my book Reckless Road. Is very high end, custom printed. With hand printed text at the bottom by Jack Lue and signed. It’s matted and framed in a. This one comes with the custom

Guns N’ Roses Slash Rare backstage Troubadour fine art photo 1986 signed 8/100


8/100 Backstage at the Troubadour. That got them signed. Out Ta Get Me was also performed for the first time that night. Tom Zutaut from Geffen Records was there and liked what he saw. Axl: This is a brand new one, I wanna dedicate this to the LAPD, and any young girls that like to

Guns N’ Roses Rare Cathouse live Slash Axl Rose 1989 fine art photo signed #29


29/100 Guns N Roses at the Cathouse in Los Angeles October 10, 1989. This was the Its So Easy Video Shoot and was a worm up gig for the four shows that they were going to do with the Rolling Stones a week latter. This was a very rare gig and this photo was also

Guns N’ Roses Axl Rose Slash fine art photo B. C Rich 1985 signed # 9/100 rare


9/100 Guns N Roses at Madame Wongs East July 4, 1985. This was their 3rd gig in Los Angeles and there were only about 10 people at the gig. Axl: We’ve got a slow song for ya. This is for all the girls out here in the audience tonight. This is called, “don’t Cry Tonight”.